Jordan and Jenn Bateman


We are both experienced religious representatives who have been performing marriage ceremonies since 2005. We do weddings in our extra time and we really love it. We have a fresh, easy-going approach to weddings and enjoy meeting and getting to know the couples that we marry. We have done a few ceremonies together, but the vast majority have been performed individually.

The novelty of standing with a bride and groom in front of their family and friends is not lost on us. We love marriage, we love love, and we love sharing in the wedding day. We really consider it an honour to be invited to share in that sincere, sacred moment.

We have been a part of some amazing weddings--for more on some of those ideas or stories, visit our blog here, or check out our podcast here (or on iTunes).

We believe in a balance of ceremony and celebration; the sacred and the joyful.

We believe in a simple approach to weddings, opting for a user-friendly order of service that can be easily tailored to a more formal or casual style, depending on your personal preferences, background and the venue (e.g. outdoor/indoor, church, beach, garden, home or theme wedding). 

As interfaith chaplains, we are able and willing to incorporate components to help honour your belief system, cultural values or faith history. It’s your day, so please feel free to make suggestions about content.

Our average ceremony length is 20-25 minutes, depending on what elements you would like included. This is a comfortable time-frame for your guests, who will actually be there 40-60 minutes as they arrive before you and are the last to leave. Please keep this in mind when considering any additions or changes to the ceremony itself that will require more time (e.g. unity candle, tea ritual, sand ceremony, time capsule, handfastening, readings, songs, etc.).

We believe weddings (both formal and informal) should be enjoyable and reflect the unique relationship the two of you share. We have lots of ideas to help you plan your ceremony... we also offer a free, no-obligation GETTING MARRIED ceremony planning guide. E-mail us for details.  

We pride ourselves in meeting with the couple before the wedding day, helping out at the wedding rehearsal, and ensuring that the big day goes as smoothly as possible. You have enough stress - let us help.

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